Amplifi HD setup advice

  • Hi

    I am looking to get the amplifi HD mesh setup in my house and am trying to get my head round how the ethernet backhaul works.

    I currently have wired connections to locations that have bad WiFi signal and would, ideally, add a WiFi mesh point there using ethernet backhaul.

    To be able to do this, would I be able to buy the router plus two mesh points or would I need to buy two routers with the second being the mesh point using ethernet backhaul?



  • @Mark-Price Without knowing more about your home it's challenging to provide meaningful input. That said, start with an Amplifi, either HD or Instant. See how that works out, then add one or more additional HD or Instant units set up as RAMPs (Router As Mesh Point) to increase coverage in areas that need it via ethernet backhaul. Avoid the kits for all the reasons that have been discussed ad nauseam already.

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