Additional router (ethernet backbone) in my home setup constantly connecting / disconnecting

  • Hello,

    I'm running AmplifiHD setup in my home. Currently I have 1 "starter pack" router + 2 mesh points hd, 3 additional mesh points hd and recently I bought another router for ethernet backbone.

    The new Router HD (ethernet backbone) is constantly disconnecting for a split second every couple of minutes. On the display I receive message „connecting” for 1 - 2 seconds, and then it is back to normal. Mesh points can’t connect to this router because of that. For 90% of time I can’t access router from Amplifi app on my iPhone - getting "Connection Refused" message. Even if it is not grayed out.

    What I’ve tried without any success:

    • Replacing ethernet cable, for couple of 5e, and cat 6
    • Connecting new router to the main unit directly (trough patch panel)
    • Connecting new router to the main unit trough ubiquiti switch (my preferred option)
    • Rebooting couple of times
    • Switching wall outlets

    I'm running latest software for every devices in my network.
    Any ideas how can I solve this issue?

  • Update:

    I rolled back new mesh router to 2.9.1 and everything is working perfectly. The issue was 3.4.3 update. I hope Amplifi team can fix this in next release.

  • @superment I'll bet you already have, but if not you CERTAINLY should directly inform AmpliFi support of your experience. AmpliFi personnel monitor the community forum, but there's nothing like establishing a formal support ticket to make sure that your experiences lead to problem-solving by the development team.

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