Is Amplifi Alien the correct choice?

  • I have 1 gig Xfinity service to approximately 2500 sq ft house. House is near water and is elevated (on stilts) and want connectivity to ground level also. I think I am borderline, size-wise, wrt needing one router or one and a mesh point. Does the Alien router + Mesh point work better than an Alien router + another Alien router? Question is because maybe single router will be enough but if not will add another router as mesh points not sold individually.

    Will this router get me 1 gig service with desktop wired to router w/ Cat 6?
    What is a ball park average for wi-fi speeds to be expected? What speed, if I go below would suggest I add another router to create mesh?

  • @Ken-Diestler Hope so--I bought one

  • Recently purchased one for my 2000 sq ft home. As far as speeds go I don't have 1 gig, only 300mb but I see 300 at the router (running built in speed test), and 300 using iPhone 11. I would expect you would be seeing 900 - 1 Gig at the router. The main thing I noticed was a reduction is wifi signal strength as opposed to my previous router, but in fairness I haven't had a device not connect due to weak signal strength.

  • @Ken-Diestler I have 1gig Fios. I'm using an Alien Router and Alien mesh point (kit) to cover approximately 6000 sq feet over 3 levels. The main router and mesh point are on ground level covering basement and 2nd floor, plus outdoor seating area 100+ feet away from mesh unit.

    I have Cat 6 connected and getting 900+ on the wired connection(s) to my Alien.
    Wireless varies depending on device, but iPhone Xs from 400-500 near router, to 150+ in backyard.

    The Alien is replacing an HD unit with 4 mesh points. If it wasn't for wanting coverage in my backyard for warm weather, one Alien router would have covered the house. The mesh gets me better coverage outside ... I have a brick house.

    It depends on your actual device needs ... usually drops and/or slow speeds <20.

    If I had to do it again, I might have done two Alien routers. The router and mesh kit are hard coded, so if your router dies, your left with a mesh that can't be paired to another router, (as far as I know). Having two routers gives you better future options.

  • Thanks
    I installed the Alien yesterday and have better speed all around than before.

    After I get everything reconnected-door bell, etc I'll start checking the range.

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