New house setup with Alien Router

  • Hey,
    My new house is currently under construction and I’m thinking about the best way to set up my Alien Routers.

    Basic information:
    We’ll have three floors (basement, first floor, second floor). My ISP entry point will be in the basement.
    Each floor has about 110 square meters + large garden.

    I am thinking about the following:
    ISP -> Modem -> Alien Router (basement) -> Switch (basement) -> Alien Router (first floor) + Alien Router (second floor).

    Is this setup possible? The Routers are connected over the switch (ethernet backhaul).

    Another question is regarding the garden:
    As there is no outdoor option available within the Alien product line can I use any other Amplifi Meshpoint HD for example to extend the Wifi signal?

    Thanks for any feedback!

  • @Jens my guess is that if you're willing to use the other router in Bridge mode you may be able to do so. I'm pretty certain you can only use other Alien routers to expand your Mesh.

  • @Jens We're in a two story home, about 2,600 Sq Ft, on a 6,500 Sq Ft lot. Amplifi HD in the garage at first floor level, and a mesh point at the far end of the first floor, and a mesh point on the second floor. I've coverage everywhere in the house and to the full extent of the lot both front and back. Depending on where you place the Alien's you may find that they provide all the coverage you need. Of course if your garden is very long you may need to add something.

  • Thanks for the answers guys.

    Couple of more questions:

    1. As I am planning to use two Alien Routers as RAMP I am wondering about the Ethernet Backhaul. The setup would be ISP -> Modem -> Alien Router -> Switch -> Alien Router 1 and 2. Is it possible or do you need to have the other routers directly connected to the main router?

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