can second Alien used as mesh point have a distinct device name?

  • In setting up my first Alien, I assumed that device name = SSID. At any rate, I didn't see a separate setting for SSID, and that's how it seemed to work.

    I have now added a second Alien as a meshpoint (I wanted all those ethernet ports so didn't get the dumb mesh point). I wasn't sure if I needed to. but in the setup routine I gave it the same device name as the base unit because I want everything on the same SSID.

    Now that everything is working, can I give the mesh point a different device name without changing the SSID it broadcasts on?

    Thank you!

  • I also have 2 Alien routers rather than the mesh kit since I also wanted the ethernet ports as well as the front panel info on the second router which is the mesh point.

    My main router is called Alien and the mesh router is called Alien Mesh. My SSID is different. (I use a single SSID.) So, yes, the routers can have different device names from the SSID.

    In the Amplifi app on my iPhone, there is the system view which shows both routers. To set the main router name, tap the main router icon on the system view. On the next page tap General. There you can set the device name.

    To set the mesh router name, tap the mesh router icon on the system view. Under the General heading, you can set the mesh device name.

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