Open NAT Type using (Multiple devices) at once.

  • I was told by Amplifi that it is impossible for me to have an open NAT using multiple devices at once. (My roommate and I play CoD on PC). Only one of us will get the Open NAT. Does anyone know if Amplifi has an option like this in the video:

    If this is not supported is this something they could push via a firmware update? If so I would love to make a suggestion.


  • Out of curiosity I've looked into this a bit and the problem is that the manufacturer of the devices that support this configuration option (Netgear) are not forthcoming with what exactly this option does. Even when asked directly, their support staff just regurgitates the exact wording from the manual which is completely unhelpful:

    "This option determines how the router deals with inbound traffic. The Secured option provides a secured firewall to protect the PCs on LAN from attacks from the Internet, but it may cause some Internet games, point-to-point applications, or multimedia applications not to work. The Open option, on the other hand, provides a much less secured firewall, while it allows almost all Internet applications to work."

    There are a lot of "weasel words" and tautological statements here: "the Secured option provides a secured firewall" The secured option is secured? "The Open option...provides a much less secured firewall" Okay, how exactly? Again, this doesn't tell you anything about what your device is doing other than that it may allow "almost all...applications" to work.

    tl;dr I don't think that these devices have some magical feature that no other manufacturers' routers have to work well with games and other Layer 7 traffic. I believe that all it does it enable or disable the UPnP daemon (an option that is available on Amplifi devices) which pokes pinholes in the NAT firewall upon request by an application to allow ingress traffic from the WAN. It's basically just a dynamic method of managing port forwarding rules so that the user doesn't have to enter them manually; most home routers have this option.

  • I'm able to get two Xbox One Xs to get Open NAT on my Alien. I assign Static IPs to the two Xbox through the iOS app, and then do a port forward for just the single Port that is assigned to the Xbox on the advanced options page. Works great.

  • @stellman So you only port forward one of the static ips?

  • @drabdau Nah, I port forward both Xbox IPs each with their unique Port

  • @stellman Weird, when I did this none of my devices would have an Open NAT Type. Support told me it was due to me having multiple rules for the same port. I could only have one rule for the port I wanted.

  • @drabdau When you go into the Advanced Networking settings of each Xbox, you can choose a different port. Use different ports on each Xbox and forward that port for the IP setup for each of the Xbox’s.

  • @stellman Oh interesting. Wonder if I can do something like that for PC’s. I know CoD has a list of ports you have to open which is what gets confusing for me.

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