No SSID this morning, now there's "No Internet" through AmpliFi HD

  • It looks like our house had a brief power outage last night. I noticed that the wifi network in my house was dark. None of my devices could see the SSID.

    The AmpliFi HD had a WAN IP and local IP until I restarted it, then it reported no internet connection from my modem.

    I followed the hints in the "No internet" help article but they haven't worked. I've restarted both devices several times (power on router, then modem) and reset the router to factory settings too.

    In the AmpliFi app, the Diagnose tab has a WAN link but reports an IPv4 error ('Please verify the IPv4 configuration) for the IP address, gateway address, DNS address and internet connection.

    I've tested the modem with the basic wireless router from my ISP using the same ethernet cable and it works. So I don't think the modem, cable or my internet connection are the cause of the issue.

    AmpliFi HD version 3.4.3 (network type: DHCP; Bridge mode: off;
    Arris CM8200 modem connected to NBN through SpinTel

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