New Wifi6(e) products coming?

  • Will there be new products released on the wifi6 or wifi6E standard in the amplifi HD form factor (White cubes)
    I don’t like the Alien, because it’s dark and bulky and doesn’t have a dedicated backhaul channel. It doesn’t fit well into my living room

  • +1 for me as well.

    While we're at it, I'd love for the HD to gain WPA3, 10Gbps WAN (future-proof and whatnot), and maybe even an additional Ethernet port or 2. Throw in the fact that the Teleport service NEEDS to come to Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS, that would all cover me nice and easy.

  • @b8v34 Add me to the list, I'm shoppping for wifi 6 right now, the Alien is a bit pricey if you need 3 AP/mesh points. Would basically love a see an updated HD that can do wifi 6.

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