3 Story home, no ability to run Ethernet cabling

  • A friend of mine is a contractor. He asked for my assistance in one of the homes he is remodeling. I have been in IT for 22 years, and have set up countless networks. However, this is a 2.5 million dollar house that has been buttoned up as if it were Fort Knox. Without cutting up the walls there is no way to run any type of wiring.
    So I was looking for Mesh systems. I came across the Alien. I would purchase 3 Routers. No Mesh point. The internet comes in on the second floor of 3 stories. Thought is to put one router on each floor, connect the other 2 wirelessly to the main on the second floor.

    Floors are wood, no concrete or metal. I believe it should be ok. It's going to be an AirBNB rental house. No one would be there more than a week and I feel like 1 per floor would provide more than enough coverage and bandwidth to make everyone happy.

    Can anyone give me any insight to this theory?


  • @BandIunifi You don't mention the size or layout of the house but believe 3 Alien would satisfy your requirements.
    I'm using 2 Alien units (wireless), both on 2nd floor, (street level), where the internet connects to cover 6000 sq. ft. over 3 levels. I did it this way to reach out to the outdoor seating and pool area which means signal needs to go through brick and another 100 feet. The results are speeds 150+/- outside at the pool and no less than 250 at the extreme corners of the house using WiFi 5 or 6 devices. The house is set up for 1 gigabit, which I get 900/900+ on wired devices.

    You can play with placement. In my case, I spaced in an L-shape to create the "patterns" with minimal overlap and best reach for my target area. I thought I would need 3, but less than a month in 2 units are doing just fine.

    Good luck

  • You are right! I forgot the SQFT. It's about 4500 SQFT and I need to be able to cover the pool area as well on the ground floor. I do believe this will work for the application. The Router states is can cover roughly 2000 SQFT. Ideal situation of course. But at about 1700 SQFT on the second and third floors those should be covered pretty well. On the ground floor where the game room is I will try to put the router closer to the outside to cover the pool area. SQFT on the ground floor is less than 1000 as there is a garage and a carport to either side of the game room
    Anyone else have any theory's. Thank you for your input jbenja6460!

  • How old is the house? What wire did they run for phone lines? I agree with the other folks, three should do the job. If there was a way to run links, I might use something else.

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