Amplifi HD Wifi Speedrops (while stable on ethernet)

  • Hi there,

    I got amplifi HD. When I do large Downloads or Stream Games via Stadia every 10-15 Seconds Wifi Speed drops down to almost zero mbits. It's only short period so no problem with Netflix or anything buffer related. And also enough to do online meetings. However, streaming games won't work well because of the drops (quality drops every 10-15 seconds).

    If I connect directly via ethernet to my amplifi hd the issue disappears. So, we rule out the ISP or WAN Port.

    What can I do in order to stabilize wifi bandwidth?


    Amplifi HD, setup as DHCP router, Clients connected via 5hgz wifi.

    Thx a lot

  • @Daniel-Müller Same issue posted in "SPECTRUM + AMPLIFIHD = SLOW WIFI"

  • Hi. I put Amplifi into bridge mode and reseted it to factory default. Now things are better. However, I'm still disappointed that results are so bad when using Amplifi in normal non bridge mode.

  • This issue has been here for a long time.
    Not just me but alot of users here have reported this issue but still nothing.

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