Please ipad optimization

  • Re: iPad optimized app... PLEASE...
    Yes please. Since I hold the Ubiquiti brand in very regard, and at the same time have contempt for apps that are not optimized for the ipad, the fact that you don’t have one, was a bit of a shock to me with a bit of internal processing conflict in my head.
    Please make one, and please allow then for landscape and portrait rotation!!!! Thank you very much

  • I second that. Because of changes in the development tools, going forward there is little reason that apps originally developed for the iPhone no longer do not take advantage of the iPad size.

  • I will add my name to the list of those requesting this. It's not a difficult development task and would be a benefit to those of us who prefer a larger interface to work from.

  • An iPad app would be great. The iPhone app scaled looks awful.

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