Interoperability with other Amplify devices

  • Hi,

    I have an Alien kit and an HD kit, would be so useful if these devices could be used together wirelessly.

    The only way to currently use the HD kit and Alien kit is if I bridge one of these using a wire to the other. Basically 2 very powerful routers sitting on top of each other. Very expensive good looking hardware very limited by lack of interoperability.

  • @manank I have one month old Alien Mesh Kit and former HD + 4 mesh units. Agreed. Your right, that you can't connect wirelessly due to incompatibility of the two units. I planned to do exactly what you suggest but did a little work around.

    Fortunately, I have an ethernet switch located in my family room away from the main Alien unit which I connected my HD as an extender and permitted me to successfully use the older HD mesh units to wirelessly reach out to extreme areas of property, (through steel doors, coated glass and garage firewall) where I thought signal was going to be weak.

    That said, after optimizing the Alien + Alien Mesh are so powerful there was no need to use the HD mesh system so it sits idle until I find another use.

  • @jbenja6460 agreed. Great idea to have a switch. I am just disappointed to have such a beautiful device be useless. I'm setting it up in bridge mode and connecting it to the Alien Mesh (wired) so I have the beautiful screen. That's the only use I can think of as of now.

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