Enable basic/advanced options on Web UI

  • Hi, I love my new Amplifi HD Gamer's Edition... works pretty well, but.... What about the interface, why must be so basic (for the price of the product).
    Ok, you want to keep it basic, do it, but also enable an "Advanced" button where you can change whatever you want, see the logs, have a historic of the traffic, etc. Really, doesn't make sense that cheaper routers have more advanced option than this. Then, for example:

    1. Allow to upload different firmware (openwrt for example)
    2. Allow disable DHCP when is not in Bridged mode
    3. Allow see the logs
    4. Add a graphic interface, nicer than the actual one where you can see all the traffic, and you can see the historical also of the traffic (per device, etc).
    5. Add more and more advanced options, for people that really want it, and you will sell A LOT MORE!
    6. Add the option to customize what you want to see in the LCD.

    Or use any of the other interface of the Ubiquiti products, where you have tons of options, details, logs, etc.
    Yes, I understand that this is a kind of device for "basic" people that don't want to worry about, but, you know what, here is a lot of people that want also advanced options, and will love even more your product.

    Thanks in advance. Hope to see more advanced options and the possibility to see the logs unencrypted in the next update !

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