Wired connection keeps dropping

  • I've had the Alien for a few months now and, apart from my sheer awe that I cannot do more advanced stuff with it, everything went smooth. But I was using it in bridge mode. A few days ago I decided to eliminate the other router and use only the Alien.
    I also changed some other settings in Alien, like mac clone, dhcp, assigned static IPs, lease time etc.
    Since I've done that, one of my wired connected computers keeps disconnecting from eth. The disconnects are 5-10 seconds long, during this time the cable appears unplugged in both my computer and on Alien's lcd. Since the disconnects are not long, I only noticed them because I watch streams while I work, so it might be related to the fact that the computer in question is using a fair amount of bandwidth like 8-10 Mbps.
    After I post this message, I will also upload the diagnostic files from the unit.

    Having said that, I would love to get a cli access to the router in order to do more advanced stuff with it so I can get my work done. In the same time, I am in for beta testing and helping you diagnose various problems. I am an IoT developer myself and I've seen that a client with technical skills can help a lot diagnosing a problem, apart from remote logs and diagnostics.

  • Might I add, I used an RJ45 cable tester and the utp cable is perfectly fine.

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