Fully separate/segregate Guest WiFi

  • Is there a way to fully separate the "Guest"WiFi from the normal one? At the very least, assign it a different subnet for DHCP?

    I want to ensure Guests cannot connect and then immediately have full access to everything else on the same LAN network as the primary WiFi.

    Barring that, allow ACLs to filter Guest <-> main networks.

  • Something is wrong. Guest network must be separated from LAN by design.

    Please collect and send to us support info using App:

    Amplifi App -> router icon -> Support info

  • I think I may be an idiot.

    I'm going to go back and test again (this was at a friend's place) - but I think I may have not been paying attention, and my phone may have switched back to the primary SSID and I didn't notice.

    Sorry for the noise. 😕

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