Amplifi HD: "Please Verify IPv6 Configuration"

  • When I start up my up-to-date Amplifi app on my up-to-date Android phone to show what's happening on my up-to-date Amplifi HD router, it shows a message on the first page saying "Some issues detected - diagnose." Tapping the red "diagnose," takes me to a page showing all my connection information (which have the correct ipv4 and ipv6 addresses). Yet, there's red text under "DNS Address" and "Internet Connection" saying "Please Verify IPv6 Configuration." I'm having no apparent issue with my internet connection and my wifi-connected devices seem to have functional ipv6 connections. The Amplifi HD is in Bridge mode since my pfSense box is providing all the DHCP addresses, and everything looks just fine in pfSense.

    How do I clear this error message?

  • Same issue here, when IPv6 has been enabled on the AmpliFi HD in bridge mode.

  • I am receiving the same error but only under “internet connection”, I am not using bridge mode. The first time I started receiving the error I restarted the router and resolved the problem, after a few days the error returned. The next time rather than restart the router I turned IPv6 off the back on and the error was resolved. Waiting to see if it returns again.

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