Device not found in the app + Config with Ziggo modem

  • Hello all,

    I have two issues. The first is that even if the device is set-up, right now the app cannot find it. It's still in "Please wait... looking for an amplifi device" mode.

    I am connected to the home WiFi and everything else is working.
    I have tried to re-start the app several times. No changes.
    This means it's not possible to change any settings through the app at the moment.

    The second issue is that I have a Ziggo router here in The Netherlands and now I can see three wifi networks: two from Ziggo (the 5 Ghz and the regular one) and one from Amplifi (which is the one I created when I set-up the system).

    Is it normal that I see three lines? I thought I would have seen just one.
    Perhaps there is a setting in the app of the Amplifi OR the Ziggo router I should change? As an example, should I change the Ziggo router to bridge and do the same in the app of Amplifi? I am not familiar with the settings.

    Thank you for your support.

    Devices: HD/dp/B01L9O08PW/

    Ubiquiti AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi System AFi-HD - Wireless Router - 4-Port Switch - GigE - 802.11abgnac - Dual Band (AFI-HD)

    Plus a Ziggo router/modem

  • @IndianaStyle I'm totally ignorant of how tcp/ip is distributed by ISPs in Europe, but I'll take a guess at why your AmpliFi app cannot see your AmpliFi router. If you've left your modem/router combination in its default configuration, it's probably doing DHCP (apparently separately to 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz SSIDs. Once you add in the AmpliFi router, with it ALSO doing DHCP, it's possible that your mobile device is obtaining its internet connection through the modem and not from the AmpliFi router, and hence cannot "see" the AmpliFi router, either.

    One solution would be to put the Ziggo router into bridge modem. You don't want BOTH of them set in Bridge Mode.

    Others may offer better worded or more accurate advice, but this may set you off in the right direction.

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