Does HD support IGMP snooping + Network help

  • The batteries in IPhones in my house seem to be draining faster than usual. I have recently implemented a lot of Homekit automation with various devices - hue bulbs with hub, LIFX wifi bulbs, Homebridge to integrate non-HomeKit devices etc. I read that the use of mDNS can flood devices when Homekit is in the equation, and that IGMP snooping should be enabled. So, first question - Does the HD support this? I can’t see any option for it.

    On a more general note, my home network has got pretty complicated, and I’m wondering whether there’s anything I should be doing to make it better. I have:

    HD router, with LAN ports connected to a Grandstream VOIP adapter and an unmanaged network switch.

    This switch then feeds 4 other HD’s, all in Ethernet backbone mode, as well as a variety of other devices - TVs, alarm system, Sonos, Airport Express for Airplay, Airport Express as wifi extender etc.

    It also feeds another unmanaged switch in an AV system, for things like TV STB, Apple TV, AV Receiver.

    Off one of the backbone HDs, there is Ethernet-connected Apple TV and TV.

    Off another backbone HD there is a NAS and Mac Mini, and connections to 2 more switches for more TVs, Apple TV’s, iMac, printer.

    Off another backbone HD there are Ethernet-connected Apple TV and TV.

    There are about 40 Ethernet connected devices in total.

    Then, of course, there is the plethora of other wifi devices (33 as I write). IPhones, iPads, bulbs, Harmony hubs, fans, cameras.

    So - is this network topology OK, or should I be worrying about anything?

    Really appreciate input on both counts.

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