Manual shutting down

  • Hi there, I'm a recent (yesterday) owner of the alien router...though I had issues setting it up via bluetooth in the app, the device was never found...I did get it going via browser, whereafter the app could connect to the router and am so far super happy with the purchase so far, everything is super fast, looks great, works so far like I expect it to.

    However...I've noticed that the device has no power off button? I couldn't find anything in the app either, or the web interface. I don't believe this device is a simple IoT thing, like older routers running on a basic OS and a microcontroller, so I think to turn it off just by pulling the power would be the incorrect way to shut things down safely, much like a regular PC.

    So, am I missing something, or is there simply no way to power if off, without pulling the plug?

    If that feature isn't there, then I think that'd be a must have feature in a future update, this is my second device from Ubiquiti/Amplifi, and the first was what convinced me to buy the second, so keep up the great work, so far I'm a happy customer!

  • maybe it is a good idea, don't know if it is safe to unplug it abruptly from the power, a shut-down option would be nice, when shutting down, it should show: it's safe to unplug your Alien from the power 😉

  • I NEED sometimes powercycle my Alien to fix a nasty reconnecting loop. Only thing is to pull the plug. In this case a shutdown option is not possible due the type of issue. I would say, it is safe to pull the plug.

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