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  • Is there a list of missing features that can be prioritized? Currently I see a clock on my Instant Router which is misleading IMO since the packaging has a view of internet speed. Anyway it seems like an easy killer feature to let the user decide which of the screens are shown when the LCD goes into sleep

  • Hi @Benjamin-Waye - so if you swipe the LCD screen to another display, like internet speeds, it doesn't 'stick', and always changes back to the time screen?

  • @Derek-Saville Yes exactly is that not how it is supposed to work?

  • Hi @Benjamin-Waye - unfortunately I no longer have an Instant installed where I am currently, but HD Router cubes that I am using all stay on the same LCD screen even when entering and exiting night mode, and I thought the Instant was the same

    So I would think it should work they way you want it to - swipe the LCD to the Speed screen and it should just stay on that screen and not return to the clock unless you change it

    I am not sure if a lost connection or reboot might reset the screen

    You can report it as a bug and/or see if you can get a response from @UI-AmpliFi if the behavior is correct for the Instant, but it sure doesn't seem right...

  • @Benjamin-Waye hi Ben. Ive The same exact situation here. Same behavior. I wish to stick The performance UP and download ON the LCD, but after 1 minute The router Just show back The clock. This is driving me nuts and The support team from ubiquiti is unable to reply me with a answer if this is a normal behavior or a bug. Ive tried Hard reset and also firmware rollback without luck. They should allow US to select what screen we want as default ON the display.

  • @Benjamin-Waye from ubiquiti support :

    Hi Rafael,

    Unfortunately, there is no option to keep the display always on speed. The speed you see on the display is the traffic between the client device and the router. Once it is done it will go back to the time display.
    However, you can post this as a feature request on

    Hope that's helpful. If you have any other questions, please let us know!


    AmpliFi Support

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