Set default view for LCD screen

  • Is there a list of missing features that can be prioritized? Currently I see a clock on my Instant Router which is misleading IMO since the packaging has a view of internet speed. Anyway it seems like an easy killer feature to let the user decide which of the screens are shown when the LCD goes into sleep

  • Hi @Benjamin-Waye - so if you swipe the LCD screen to another display, like internet speeds, it doesn't 'stick', and always changes back to the time screen?

  • @Derek-Saville Yes exactly is that not how it is supposed to work?

  • Hi @Benjamin-Waye - unfortunately I no longer have an Instant installed where I am currently, but HD Router cubes that I am using all stay on the same LCD screen even when entering and exiting night mode, and I thought the Instant was the same

    So I would think it should work they way you want it to - swipe the LCD to the Speed screen and it should just stay on that screen and not return to the clock unless you change it

    I am not sure if a lost connection or reboot might reset the screen

    You can report it as a bug and/or see if you can get a response from @UI-AmpliFi if the behavior is correct for the Instant, but it sure doesn't seem right...

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