wifi calls go silent during call

  • problem occurs on both iphone's 8 and SE
    silent last 1-5 sec noticeable on both sides unless it drops, majority of occurrences does not drop

    also a problem trying to open Apm software on the 8 it is unable to locate the device even though setting show connected to the network. This opening Apm software problem does not occur on the SE phone or ipad.

    about 11 devices routing through the Amp (couple months old) Apple TV,2 iphones, printer, 2 laptops, 3 ipads, 3 machines via internet ports

    HD router with 2 mesh points running version 3.4.3 iphone 8 version 14.2

    internet speed are down 105.5, upload 12.4, provider is comcast

    anyone have any suggestions?

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