turning on 'addtl SSID' on AP disconnects both mesh points

  • Hi,
    I am running 3.4.3. Two Mesh points are connected to the router via 2.4GHz backbone (Mesh point band, switching to 5GHz not allowed). I want to turn on 'additional SSID' for 2.4GHz so I can connect all my IOT devices to that SSID.
    Everything works fine when I turn the addtl SSID on for the two Mesh points. When I turn it on on the AP itself, very soon the Mesh points disconnect and cannot connect again to the router.
    I need to turn off the addtl SSID on the AP, reboot everything, and the Mesh points (with addtl SSID 2.4 GHz turned on) connect and run without issues.

    Expected behavior: Be able to turn on addtl SSID 2.4GHz for all mesh points and router itself. Independent what the backbone is set to that connects all devices.

    Any ideas?

  • @markusni Did you name the additional SSD’s all the same? I use slightly different names, so I can exactly choose the router or Meshpoint I want the device to be connected to. I do not have the problem of disconnecting. At least not more then before I started with additional SSD’s.

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