Connection problems - Fritz 7490 - Amplifi HD - iOS

  • Hi,
    I have recently changed my Wifi Setup from Fritz7490 + 1750E Mesh to Amplify HD Mesh.
    My issue was that from time to time when using Instagram or FB on my iPhone it suddenly seems that I have no connection. However I have full internet access and also Wifi. Running the diagnostics in the Fritzbox did not show any issues. The event log was also fine. Turning Wifi off/on would solve the problem.
    Now I have red articles about Fritz Mesh and iOS saying that it does not work so good. So I changed the Wifi setup to Amplifi HD and with Mesh Points, still using the Fritzbox as a modem and phone (DECT station).
    Now yesterday my son was sitting approx. 1m away from the Router using his iPhone 11 with the Instagram app and suddenly the feed does not load anymore. Turning wifi off/on solved the issue.
    I checked all modem settings and also the settings in the Amplifi system but cannot find anything. My internet connection is working fine with 50Mbit and the wifi seems also to be fine.

    Anyone experiencing the same? Is this perhaps something known? Is it a Mesh related issue or perhaps does it have to do with 2,4GHz vs 5 GHz?

    Thanks & Regards

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