Amplifi HD Setup "No IP"

  • I just recently received my Amplifi HD yesterday and tried connecting it to my home network, after looking at videos of ease of connecting the modem to the router, it seems it's not that easy after all (at least for me). After plugging into the Wan port from my Modem. it shows "No IP". Tried resetting it, no outcome.

    1. What I tried to troubleshoot was plugging the internet back to my old Netgear router and using the Netgear Lan port to plug into the Amplifi HD, and then the router works. but this should not be the way.
      2.Tried countless times to reset it but still showing "No IP"

    Out on my wit's end, I do hope someone can help me on this. Very much appreciated to you guys if you can figure it out.

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