Alien 5GHz bands

  • Hi, i just got a new Alien. I have split the 2.4 and 5 bands. I have noticed the 5GHz is on Auto but if i unchecked it is from 36 to 48. Where are the others in the 150 range and why it does not show ? I only have one standalone Alien.
    Is it because use it only goes to 80 Mhz ?

  • @nico18 The WiFi 6 channels - 2.4 and 5GHz bands - are not user selectable. The ones you see with the Automatic toggle button are the additional networks and only the lower 5GHz ones are used.

    If you use a WiFi scanner you’ll be able to see what channels the main 2.4 and 5 are using but at this time they cannot be changed by users. I have the Apple Airport Utility app and it can scan for networks and shows me that my 5 band is on 149 currently.

  • @John-Pappas

    Hi, thanks for the reply
    On the Wireless - Advanced if i uncheck Automatic the only channels listed are 36 to 48 only. There are no upper 5ghz listed such ad 153. Where can i find these ?
    I used inssider and it shows 161 but i do not see a setting for it, where is it at ?

  • Hi @nico18 - the channels for the upper 5.8 GHz band WiFi-6 radio are not able to be manually selected yet

    That is a feature they are working on, but for now WiFi-6 5 GHz is auto channel selection only

    The channels for the lower 5.2 GHz band are for the additional WiFi-5 radio only

    For 5 GHz, WiFi-6 is exclusively limited to 5.8 GHz auto channel selection only

    WiFi-5 is exclusively limited to 5.2 GHz with optional manual channel selection

  • Ok so i am not running any other additional 5ghz at all. Just the standard stock as it comes. So under Wireless the additional 5 ghz is off and also router additional ssid. If i keep scrolling down to advanced it has 2.4 ghz that is from channels 1 to 11 and 5 ghz channels 36 to 48. Both 2.4 and 5 are on auto.
    Now when i ran ssinsider it shows channel 161 as the active channel.
    So i am expecting to see channel between 36 and 48 active as that is what i am seeing in wireless settings not channel 161 as it cannot be chosen anywhere.
    I am trying to understand why.

  • @nico18 36, 48 are not active since you haven’t enabled the additional network. The active (wifi6) channel is active but you do not have the option to select it at this time. If you restart the Alien and run that scanner again it will likely show a different channel, and currently that’s the only method you have of altering the channel in use.

    When I first set up my Alien it was using 157, I believe, as shown on my scan. After a couple updates and restarts its now using 149 but I have no option to select that, currently. It picks its own (wfi6) channel.

    You can ignore those other settings unless you one day enable those other networks.

  • So i am expecting to see channel between 36 and 48 active

    HI @nico18 - the setting for 5 GHz channel selection only applies to the Additional 5 GHz radio, which you have not enbled

    The 5 GHz WiFi-6 80211ax radio only operates in the upper channel 149 to 161 range, which is very frustratingly not user selectable at this time

  • I understand it now, thank you all for the explanation.

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