Alian Router Web Configuration Page

  • Hi,

    An advanced option for more details and intrusive advanced settings for these routers should be enabled for user who want this. The Web GUI is very basic and doesn't do a lot.

    i.e. The Dream Machine has a lovely web interface and for advanced network engineer we would love to enable additional options and have the ability to view an interface as good as the one on the dream machine; (

    Can this option please be enabled for those who want to use it & I understand a complete mobile controlled interface and making the process of setting this up really simple but the option to go advanced / expert mode should also be an option.


  • Agreed. Simple solution to have a simple and advanced mode. Even if we had to get an unlock code somehow.

  • Agree!!! is worst in this router no web-based setup that what now is even hard name like some setup. The very cheap router has this feature:) Second ho handy search windows to search device by name, IP address, mac address i got now 150 devices and is a little nightmare to find something

  • I mean I’m very happy with the purchase in terms of network speeds and coverage but for the price I’ve paid I would expect an advanced interface which I’m able to customise further.

    Also, not sure if it’s the same for everyone else but the mobile app times out regularly and refreshes the page whilst using? Very annoying when making changes or editing device information

  • I too would like to see the addition of a fully fleshed out web-ui instead of just the phone app.

  • +1 from here.

    Got my Aliens (not mesh) a few days ago and I was a bit underwhelmed to see the Web UI coming from Asus routers where there are a bit more fine tuning abilities than here. Given that Ubi mostly want to give end-users a hassle-free experience setting it up, I would assume that the advanced settings have been not prioritized in terms of the UI but not having them all together just doesn't make sense in this advanced - and expensive - piece of hardware.

  • I just moved to my Amplifi Alien after my Netgear Orbi died. They had a pretty decent Web Configuration page but their mobile app was bad. Now I'm getting a great mobile app but an almost non existent Web UI. I agree with everyone here. It would be nice to see a Web UI as or more functional than the mobile app. I'm getting slightly slower speeds than on my Orbis which all the review I watched and read said I would but it isn't significant enough to matter. I do wish there were either better documentation on what each setting does or can be used for, or at least make it easier to find.

    Also it would be nice in the mobile UI to be able to search for things or sort by Name, IP address, MAC address, WiFi band, etc.

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