Installing mesh point

  • Ampliphi Alien router doesn’t recognize new mess point ampliphier. Just purchased a mesh point ampliphier . Can’t get my AMPLIFI router to recognize it.

  • @fredydx I don't know the answer, and because of that, I apologize for the following:

    If you set out to create a mess, that's likely what you'll get.

    Apologies again 😷

  • @jsrnephdoc play on words. Typo meant mesh not mess. Did not set out to make a mess. Rather expand the coverage in our home. The mesh point gives me sequential blue light then reverts to three blue leds flashing. Tried resetting meshpoint and alien router to factory settings. Next will try resetting meshpoint first then router. See if that works. My son recommended the system .

  • @fredydx I pretty much knew that, which is why I apologized so profusely (and must again, because I know that receiving a "you've received a reply" and that reply turns out to be of no help whatsoever isn't likely your favorite activity.

    My only excuse is that my own Alien sits on my electronics cabinet unplugged and waiting to devour a firmware update to see if it can maintain a connection to the internet better than did 3.4.0, 3.4.2, or 3.4.3. There's a chance I should blame my cable modem, but no matter WHAT cable modem you have it's not likely that's the source of your own problem.

    I love the IDEA of the Alien; I'm not yet certain about the execution of the idea.

  • You purchased a meshpoint separately from the Alien or did they come together as a pack? As far as I know meshpoints are tied to the Alien router they are sold with.

  • Hi @fredydx - can you post a picture or link of the "mess point ampliphier" that you purchased?

    Is it one of these?

    alt text

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