Alien AP three pack as shown on site, where one is a router, one is a switch, and one is a mesh point. For large Sonos setup.

  • I have a client with a large home that has a lot of thick walls, they have a large sonos system that has 7 amps and 16 speakers. There are wired locations at either end of the home and my plan was to use two of the alien APs wired, one as a AP and switch, one as a router and one in the middle as a mesh point. If needed later I can add another mesh point Alien to enhance coverage. I really just wanted any input as to the validity of this setup. Any ideas or tips would be appreciated greatly. They do have gigabit internet and a large number of devices, I wanted their system to be easily managed without me if need be. That is why I'm trying Amplifi instead of a UniFi setup. TIA

  • @RayA405 Don’t see why this wouldn’t work and it will just depend on the thickness of the walls but as you say you can always add more units. It’s very similar to my set up with 3 aliens all hard wired.

    The only thing I would change is to NOT go for the bundled kit. These are hard coded meaning that if the router fails the mesh unit cannot be paired with another replacement alien and are therefore useless. By paying slightly more buy individual Alien routers and mesh them togther and also gain more Ethernet ports that way if needed.

  • Yes I am working right now to return a bundle that was ordered by client now, to avoid the hard coded issue, Thanks for the reply!

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