Why is there no user guide for Alien?

  • Why is there no user guide for Alien? I was trying to understand what exactly "Wifi Health" metric meant on the router, how it is determined, and why it would suddenly go down. I had some other questions as well. Assumed there was a user guide for this product but couldn't find one. When I contacted support they directed me here to make a "suggestion". Which is strange btw.... that you would put out a product with no manual.

    I do like the product a lot.

  • @jblackwell71
    I agree in the respect that a user guide needs published... But I'm pretty sure the "Health" metric is a combination of the device signal strength in dBm of course, dropped packets/frames, etc... I believe that it takes into account most of the basic link details and statistics then has an algorithm to calculate the health number you visually see.

  • Still no Alien user guide? ITS TIME AMPLIFI! Or are there more Firmware updates on the roadmap that will be out soon that makes having one a waste of time? If that is the case, make an online only one !

  • @Frank-Broughton Hi, please refer to our help articles for additional information. If you have a specific question in mind please reach out to our support team.

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