Slow upload

  • Hi guys
    I have a problem on Amplifi HD. The connection is via PPOE, the backbone network. I have a speed of 90/90 Mbps from the provider.

    When I measure speed on a PC via LAN port I have a speed of 90/90 Mbps. The Amlifi application on the iP11 shows the same speed. If I measure the speed via Wifi on a laptop, iP11, or other device supporting WIFI 5 (, the upload speed is only 35 - 55 Mbps. The download is OK. On the old wifi routers (Asus, TP-link) the speed up and down was fine.

    Don't know what the problem is?
    Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for my English. : D

  • Addition: firmware version 3.4.3
    1 day ago, I did a factory reset. I use 1 Amplifi HD mesh point, but the speed was not correct even without a mesh unit.

  • @MilanDka Hello. Please contact our support specialists and attach a support file generated from the app.

  • Hello, I contacted your support with file generated from the app. Thanks. When the problem is resolved, I will provide feedback.

  • The problem seems to be solved after downgrading to firmware version 3.1.2. on the main unit and mesh point. Although I've lost new features, it's not as important as a good user experience using Amplifi HD.

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