Need to reboot every few days

  • Hi,
    This is rather strange thing, I was not expecting to see. I was using for years Apple airport extreme. What I like the most, is that I never had to reboot it. It just worked for years same speed same perfomance.

    Now, I noticed that I need to reboot Amplifi Alien every few days in order to have top perfomance. Difference is not big, I would say that loss of speed is around 10% and I would not care about it if this is some kind of cheap router, but this one should be the best out there, and it is really bad that I need to reboot it every now and then.

    Why do I need to reboot router to get perfomance as expected? I doubt it is only me.

  • So, I have only had to reboot my router once so far in about a months time, and it wasn't due to speeds. It was due to an issue with bonjour services. I have elgato keylights which use that to seamlessly add themselves to their Control Center apps across multiple devices so they don't have to be repeatedly setup for each of them. I even tried to reboot from the iPhone app and for some reason that didn't resolve the issue, I had to unplug it physically and start it up from completely off again in order to fix it. So far, so good. But I am upset that I even have to reboot a $400USD router for this... Should have the ability to schedule reboot in off hours or restart bonjour manually.

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