A couple of questions regarding using Apple Airports with HD Router

  • Bit the bullet and bought an Amplifi HD with one mesh point to see if I can gain a bit more band width over the two Airport extremes I've been using for years.

    As I also use a couple of Airport Expresses for music streaming, I have a couple of questions regarding setting them up.

    As the AE's are already set up in client mode (wireless turned off), hardwired to ethernet using a couple of Powerline adapters (which have been working really well), I'm hoping I won't have to re-initialize them from scratch and they'll work with the new HD router using the same network name and password I've been using and plan to give the new router. Is this true?

    Also, can I use my Apple extreme as an access point, hardwired in bridge mode as well? The real question is, will this cause any instabilty in my network? Or are people using their old Extremes successfully with minimal problems? If not, I can certainly abandon it for another HD router. It'd be nice to know ahead of time if I'll be taking on a losing battle.

    Any tips or experience with these two issues greatly appreciated.

  • @Amplibobo may I ask what brand and speed rating Powerline adapters you're using, and what you use to monitor their actual performance of their task?

  • @jsrnephdoc Using Netgear's PL1200's. Rated for 1200MB/second. I've used TP-link's TPPLC app just to see what speed they're running at. They pretty much run at about 200MB/second. Probably limited by the devices they support.

    I use four of them. One at my main router, two for my airport expresses and one to connect an Airport extreme in my office. Solid as a rock and totally plug and play.


  • @jsrnephdoc Forgot to add that my Amplifi HD router and a meshpoint comes tomorrow. Hope to get it set up this weekend. if the meshpoint provides decent bandwith in my backoffice, I'll probably remove the Airport extreme and replace it with a switch. But I plan to keep the Expresses for music streaming only.

  • @Amplibobo I curse the day Apple decided to exit the networking hardware business. The stuff is rock solid. I use an Express in bridge mode to provide an "Ethernet" connected presence for my Brother monochrome laser printer on my LAN, because putting the printer on Wi-Fi is worse than 5 trips to the dentist! (I hope you're not a dentist).

    I have a question about Ethernet Backhaul between main router and mesh point. When we move, in April, I'll probably add a second AmpliFi Alien to the one that's sitting unused on my Stereo Cabinet now because the Alien barfs periodically because of a bug in the Puma6 Intel chipset in my Arris Cable modem, and my Airport Extreme 3 TB Time Capsule is apparently more forgiving of that bad behavior than is the Alien (I'm installing a new Netgear CM1200 today, and once I verify that it works with Spectrum, I'l either re-integrate the Alien or do that once Ubiquiti releases firmware 3.5.

    Do you know if the Ethernet backhaul needs to be a point to point connection between the two routers, or can it be through an unmanaged LAN switch

  • @jsrnephdoc Totally agree with your point about Apple abandoning their network dept. Undoubtably a Tim Cook move to boost profits with complete disregard for Apple customers. Just one of many bonehead moves by Tim Cook. They're stacking up.

    My understanding is that the Amlifi HD mesh points don't have ethernet ports, so a bit confused about your ethernet back haul question. If you are talking about a second router as a "Mesh point" frankly, I don't know if the Amplifi routers utilize a back haul.

    Gonna be interesting getting this set up once I have it. I also have a Brother ethernet connected printer, as well as a security camera, and another wireless printer. If after setting up the new HD router using the same network name and password, I'm hoping everything will connect without issue. We'll see. Plan to report back after my experience.

    Interesting that used Airport extremes are now going for $500 on Amazon.

  • @Amplibobo said in A couple of questions regarding using Apple Airports with HD Router:

    If you are talking about a second router as a "Mesh point" frankly, I don't know if the Amplifi routers utilize a back haul.

    My AmpliFi is the "Alien" which IS equipped to do Ethernet Backhaul. I purchased ONE Alien as a stand-alone for my small but 2-story rented home in Hamilton, MT, while I await completion of our new permanent residence near Bozeman. IT will have star topology Cat 5E from the ISP entry point it the garage, but my plans to deploy a second Alien as RAMP (router as mesh point) won't be able to use a home-run direct Ethernet from the point where the router doing DHCP is connected to my cable modem. So, my choices will include Wi-Fi backhaul, or Powerline adapters (if the backhaul pathway cannot be through an unmanaged switch.

    $500 is the going rate for a minitower a used Airport Extreme Time Capsule? That is truly amazing.

    I'm not quite as hard as you on Tim Cook. I blame Jony Ive for the "You Can Never be Too Rich or Too Thin" ethos (suffering from the "battery and Touch Bar glued to a never-should-have-been-let-out-of-the-lab keyboard on my 2016 MacBook Pro, or the elimination of truly smart technology such as MagSafe (of course, they get to make even MORE money this spring by resuscitating that, just as they cleaned up by introducing the NEW (not new) keyboard on the 16" MacBook Pro that I now use.

  • @jsrnephdoc Apple is releasing products on a regular basis now that need fixing after their release. Especially their new M1 products. The company doesn't have the same ethos it once did, that's for sure.

    Of note, I use a cheap netgear unmanged switch after a powerline adapter in my garage to connect a camera and Airport express for music. Works without issue.

  • Set up my HD router and single mesh point this morning. Very impressed with this system. Everything seemingly is working without issue. Easy peezy. Not sure about a number of settings. But I can tweek those after I understand what they all mean. Good job, Ubiquiti.

    One thing I learned about the mesh point is its reach isn't as far as I thought it would be. Put it in my back office about 40 feet from the router and got a poor signal. So, I recommisioned my Airport Extreme set in bridge mode via ethernet and its doing great. Gonna put the mesh point upstairs in my wife's office.

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