Upload speeds crashing

  • Hi, I'm having trouble with upload speeds where, doing a speed test directly on the Alien router show good speeds, ranging between 4mb-10mb, however at my computers and devices it's only getting 0.25 mb. So, it's not limited to one device. None of the devices are uploading anything either, either inactive or only using simple web pages. And again, the router's speed test is fine, normal speeds. The firmware is up-to-date, it doesn't show any pending updates. Any ideas here?


  • ok, update, I have a different problem with regards to the Alien router. I connected directly to my modem via ethernet, and Spectrum is showing slow speeds 1mb or less. So the Alien router is incorrectly showing me a speed test of 4mb+ upload. It's not showing me the actual speed coming in from the ISP, which has made me think it was the router. Why is the router showing too high of speed?

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