Is it worth to buy

  • Alright so my current isp I get a average of around 20 mbps download and around 8 mbps upload. I've bought something like this before and it didn't help at all. So I'm just wondering if this would help at all, I would be looking for around 60 mbps for download.

  • @PusH-FuRy What speed are you paying for? Cable internet?

  • @PusH-FuRy No, this router is not worth it. There are significantly cheaper routers out there that will offer the same performance.
    As background: I've got 1gig internet, and with my cable modem hardwired to my computer, I routinely get between 900 and 980mbps download speeds. With the router connected to the modem and my computer hardwired to the router, the router manages to slow down my internet connection by about 40%. I have spent hours working with tech support, they are clueless.
    It's just a bad product.

  • @PusH-FuRy

    It's definitely worth it.
    It has a cool design suitable for home.
    It has a touch-sensitive display screen.
    Its signal coverage can satisfy most users, and another can be purchased for bridging when it is not enough.
    Its speed is completely sufficient.
    Its streaming and LAN file transfer are unparalleled.
    Its operation is extremely simple.

    Then there are the disadvantages:
    The price is a bit expensive, but I personally think that if the firmware is upgraded, maybe the price is acceptable.
    The WEB interface without advanced settings, its WEB interface is extremely simple, I can't even configure DHCP, I can only use APP for this operation.
    It is a painful thing to add a large number of port mappings to the settings on the APP.
    The DHCP default network segment cannot be modified on the APP, you can only modify it to and start.
    There is no DMZ.
    There is no data-based detailed view, and there is nothing to toss professionals or enthusiasts.
    If these can be updated in the future, everything will be fine.
    But for now, it is only suitable for people who have a lot of money and only want to spend money to solve problems.
    Looking forward to its firmware upgrade.

  • the firmware 3.5.1 is very buggy, connection drop outs. Its a lemon

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