Teleport speed drops in half when Amplifi is behind ER-X router

  • Amplifi HD's teleport is behaving differently depending on it's WAN connection.

    If Amplifi HD is connected directly to the internet, Teleport VPN shows 25.7 Mbps / 12.1 Mbps.

    However, if Amplifi HD is connected behind a router (Edgerouter X. Non-bridged), Teleport VPN shows 10 Mbps / 5 Mbps. Changing this to bridged mode does not make difference.

    Internet connection is 400Mbps / 400Mbps.
    Amplifi HD performs around 350Mbps / 350Mbps in both topology, measured from a WIFI client.
    Upnp and hardware NAT acceleration is off on both Edgerouter X and Amplifi HD.

    Truly puzzled by this behavior. Any idea what could be causing this significant drop in speed?

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