New Alien gets 200 mbps on 1gig internet

  • I have Spectrum Gigabit. I am getting 940mbps with the Spectrum Router.

    This brand new $400 Alien router gets 180mbps on the app isp test. And routinely gets less than 400mbps on ookla or

    Does anyone know what the problem is? 😞

  • @Tyler-Nishida Hi.

    1. What is the client device you are using?
    2. What is the Alien version (EU or US)?
    3. What is the firmware version you are running on Alien?

    To get better and faster help please contact our support - support form

  • @Tyler-Nishida I'm sure support will help, but I'll ask one very simple question. Do you have both routers attached? That, of course, could cause all KINDS of problems.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Hello Support team,

    It is the free router and modem provided by Spectrum for their Gigabit service.

    I am using Alien US with the latest firmware

  • @jsrnephdoc only the Alien is attached at the moment, thanks for asking!

  • @Tyler-Nishida
    Our support can help you better understand and isolate the issue you are getting.
    But you still have not answered questions like:

    1. What is the client device you are using?
    2. What is the firmware version you are running on Alien? (please give an exact answer like 3.4.3, 3.4.2., 3.4.1. etc).

    In the description please give answers to these questions when you file for support help, it will speed up debug process.

  • Having the same problem, different ISP.

    1gig internet package.
    Alien US
    XBox Series X used for speed tests
    Tried different ethernet cables
    XBox is hardwired into the router (or modem for the tests of what my speed really should be)
    Tried contacting your support...wasted 3 hours of my time and had me factory reset my router so now I've got to go and waste more time getting everything hooked back up.

    I get 900-980mbps download speeds connected directly to the modem.
    I get 350-600mbps download speeds hardwired to the router.
    Yes I tested multiple ethernet cables.
    Yes I made sure for all tests that the XBox was the only connection at the time.
    Yes I tried every single port for the ethernet cable.
    Yes I tried a different modem.
    Yes it is the Alien router that is the problem.

    Would love to get support that fixes the problem on your $400 router that seems to be a great way for me to slow down my internet.

  • @vsharma2001 Hello, have you contacted our support team? Can you please share in private chat your ticket number?

  • @UI-AmpliFi Yes I contacted your support team. I was not given a ticket number by Megan over chat, simply informed that I would be getting an e-mail after she escalates the case to your tier 2 team. I haven't gotten the e-mail yet, and to be honest, if I'm going to have to get my support via e-mail rather than by phone I may as well buy a Netgear instead.

  • @vsharma2001 Hi, you have received an email and your issue has been escalated. The tier1 support on the chat usually can help with simple problems. Since your ticket now has been escalated to tier2 and you will be asked to add a support file that contains log files from the router. Then the support team will investigate your situation and will offer steps to solve your issue. Please be patient, because every network setup and interference background is different.
    Thank you for understanding.

  • @vsharma2001 You do not want a Netgear... I was a loyal Netgear user until their recent routers and I had to shift to Ubiquiti and their routers and support are FAR superior than the big brands.

  • @UI-AmpliFi The fact that I have to get support via e-mail makes this router utterly useless. No phone support for something that you acknowledge "every network setp and interference background is different" is just stupid. I'm going to spend months going back and forth over e-mail since I'm obviously going to have to wait days for every response from your team, just as I've already waited days for someone to contact me. All because your product sucks? There isn't any interference since I literally tested everything and the only variable in this situation is your product. Not using WiFi, I'm hardlined in. Using tested cables.

    It's great that my ticket has been escalated. Three days later, I'm still waiting for a response from your tier 2 team. Useless.

    Please be patient? I spent $380 on this product. I should have a phone number that I can call that will get me someone to walk me through fixing this on my time, not yours. You didn't pay me for this product. You didn't work for days to save up to buy this product. I did.

    Useless people.

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh Your experience of support and mine are totally different. I called Netgear the same day I started to get in touch with Ubiquiti because my cable modem is Netgear. Netgear solved my problem in under an hour, over the phone, walking me through what I needed to do. I'm still waiting on Ubiquiti.

    Netgear has 24/7 phone support. Yeah, it took an hour to get resolved, but you know what. After an hour it was resolved.
    Ubiquiti has chat support. That took an hour and didn't get resolved. 3 days later, they haven't even started figuring this out.

    Maybe you like Ubiquiti routers for a different reason than support, and more power to you. But don't give me a line that Netgear support isn't as good as Ubiquiti. It is so vastly superior it isn't even funny. I've had Netgear routers for decades - the Alien was my first foray away from Netgear. You know what I did every time I had a problem with my Netgear routers? I called them. You know what they did? They solved my problem. Every time. The same day. No waiting for days. No waiting for them to send me a link to a FAQ / Troubleshooting page and closing my support case like Ubiquiti undoubtedly will.

    My cable company has vastly better support than Ubiquiti, and didn't think it was possible to be more useless than them.

  • @vsharma2001 Ubiquiti is a MUCH smaller company and their support is much smaller compared the big brands. They don't have huge call centers or even huge email support team. I got put with the same Tier 2/3 support agent multiple times. Once you get through tier 1 support (I'll admit it does take some time) they are a little more helpful.

    I never had a problem with Netgear (used them for decades to, still use their switches) until I bought the RAX120 and I had the issue you are having with Ubiquiti where your tickets are being closed and getting no where with support.

    Also what I realized after switching to the Alien and spending time in this forum is that Wifi 6 is buggy across all brands and different network setups cause different problems. Every firmware release there are some who have no issues, some who have some issues and some for which it just outright broke everything.

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh I understand what you are saying, and I'm very glad for you that you are having an experience that works for you.

    From my perspective, a small company needs to be better than a large one, not worse. Or they'll never have a chance to become a large company. I work for a small company, there are 8 of us that handle over 100 clients. We only handle 100 clients, because the level of service we provide is well beyond what any of our clients could get from a large company because it wouldn't be worth it for a large company. Ubiquiti makes it clear that it cares about me as a customer less than Netgear, or many of the other companies that make routers, does.

  • @vsharma2001 Hey vsharma2001, are you a Netgear employee trolling the far superior Ubiquiti site? Try drinking decaf! Unlike Netgear, this support team gets you immediately connected to an engineering group, not a call center in the PI. And the $380 pays for quality products, not a technical butler open to your issues 24/7.

  • @IdahoPoes No, I'm not a trolling Netgear employee. I'm an upset Ubiquiti customer. I'm upset because after spending $380 on a router, I'm going to have to go out and buy another router to get a decent quality product. I don't care of it is Netgear, Linksys, Asus, whatever - I just used Netgear as a quick example. Looks like if I don't agree with you I must be a troll. Not surprising.

    I do agree with you that for $380 I should get a quality product. Doesn't seem like I have here. For $380 I also expect someone to be able to help me in a reasonable time frame if that "quality" product does not perform to reasonable expectations. I'm not looking for my router to magically produce speeds above 1gbps, but I do think that my router should at least not slow down a connection from 900mbps to 400mbps. Why shouldn't I expect a technical butler open to my issues 24/7? Most people expect a hotel to have someone available to help with problems 24/7 for less per night.

    I can't say whether Ubitquiti's site is far superior to Netgear's, because I've never had to use Netgear's. You may be absolutely correct that Ubiquiti's is better.

    As far as immediately connected to an engineering group. No. Just no. It took days. And that was just to get someone to e-mail me all of the info they want to see, not provide me with a solution.

    If you are happy with your router, great. But seeing as how they don't have reviews available on their store, I figured I'd make my experience so far clear.

  • AmpliFi Wi-Fi Speed Test.

    I had a little time on my hands so I thought I would perform some very non-scientific Wi-Fi tests using the AmpliFi Alien Router.
    The speeds I was seeing on the YouTube videos which had me purchase the alien just never seemed to show on my home Alien Router.

    Equipment used in the test.

    • 2019 IMac connected via Eithernet for baseline speeds
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max connected Wi-Fi 6
    • Apple TV 4K connected via Eithernet
    • ApliFi Alien
      Firmware ver. 3.5.1
      Devices attached total 34
      via Wi-Fi 21
      Via Ethernet ports 13

    Verizon FIOS 1 Gig speed
    (NOTE: During the tests a second AppleTV 4K (Ethernet connected) was streaming a live show from YouTube and I have a Wi-Fi camera streaming to the cloud constantly )

    Software used in speed tests
    Network Speed Tester Client by Lakehorn AG downloaded from Apple App Store version 1.1.7
    Network Speed Tester Serve‪r‬ by Lakehorn AG downloaded from Apple App Store version 1.0.6
    SpeedTest by Ookla Version 4.3.3

    Baseline preformed on iMac. 720 Mbps download
    930 Mbps Upload

    Ookla Speedtest (3 servers all in the same city (Richmond, VA)
    1st Server:754 Mbps download
    980 Mbps Upload
    2nd Server:650 Mbps download
    938 Mbps Upload
    3rd Server:634 Mbps download
    939 Mbps Upload

    Baseline on IPhone WiFi 6

    3 feet from ApliFi Alien (
    280 Mbps download
    310 Mbps Upload
    (Ookla Speedtest)
    326 Mbps download
    426 Mbps Upload

    30 feet from Aplifi Alien (straight line of sight)
    290 Mbps download
    380 Mbps Upload

    25 feet from Aplifi Alien (through 2 internal walls)
    270 Mbps download
    260 Mbps Upload

    Total internal Wi-Fi test using a server in house rather than an external server like on or Ookla Speed Test.

    Running Network Speed Tester Server on 4K Apple TV (Ethernet) and
    Network Speed Tester Client on IPhone 12 Pro Max (Wi-Fi6)

    3 feet from ApliFi Alien (
    560 Mbps download
    No Upload Available

    30 feet from Aplifi Alien (straight line of sight)
    485 Mbps download
    No Upload Available

    25 feet from Aplifi Alien (through 2 internal walls)
    453 Mbps download
    No Upload Available

    All that said and done, with all the devices I have connected, my internal Wi-Fi is not that bad. I really wish I was seeing numbers in the 500 to 600Mbps range but with everything I have connected, I never get any buffering errors or delays.
    Attached is a picture of my amplify alien routers current settings. My only big complaint is that my Wi-Fi calling is sporadic.

    0_1617471011862_Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 11.05.48 AM.png

    Amplify Support if you see anything in my set up that you think would improve my speeds I appreciate you posting here.

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