Bug or Suggestion?

  • Or, both?!!

    My ISP (PPoE) goes down ...
    My Gamer goes down too, obviously!

    My ISP comes back up ...
    My Gamer comes back to life ... but like a super drunk man and so confused!

    Basically, my connection from 500 MB up/down becomes like a 300bps modem!

    I must reboot it to get it back to normal! Each and every time!

    Of course, my ISP doesn’t go down often maybe once every few months during late evening but comes back in about an hour or less.

    Now, I know you folks don’t have access or perhaps don’t care about PPoE protocol, but it would be helpful to test your firmware/s with these conditions.

    That’s all.

  • Update:

    Today, I noticed watching news on my ATV (IPTV - fibre 500/500), streaming was buffering and usual nasty stuff.

    Did a number of speed test and everything seemed to be normal.

    Checked out my ISP status page and everything was green with no history of downtime since last 3 months = BS -> as usual.

    "downdetector" page showed bunch of people reported connectivity issue around 3:00 AM!

    But, that's not the point!

    The main issue is why my $700 mesh router cannot behave like a $20 made-in Great Wall with issues like 30< minutes ISP downtime - without me rebooting it each and every time??

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