Different version for the UK ?

  • @ui-amplifi I am looking into purchasing a Alien router but am a little confused.

    I am aware that the EU version is dual band and the USA version is tri band.

    So is there yet another different Tri band version for the UK ? Below are a couple of links to UK resellers.

    Broadbandbuyer AFi-ALN-R

    Scan AFi-ALN-R

    If this is another version that is different to the US & EU versions please can you explain the differences ?

    Many Thanks


  • @jcoles2021 Hi, Jason.
    Non-US version is a full WiFi6 dual-band version. Meaning the upper and lower channels of the 5Ghz spectrum are using WiFi6 standard and backward compatible for older WiFi standards.

  • @jcoles2021 I have to say that coming from the AmpliFi HD kit upgrading to the Alien here in the UK has been one of my more disappointing tech purchases. The WiFi coverage is shocking in comparison and I have now bought x4 Huawei A3 routers (managed to get them for £45 each when they were on offer) and have been meshing them together with excellent results. The Alien is currently used as a very expensive door stopper in the hope that an update might eventually improve things although I am not holding by breath. To add salt to the wound, the US version does not appear to work here in the UK and I think that this will be the start of my moving away from AmpliFi products to other and newer routers that will be coming out later on this year.

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