AmpliFi Alien HD connection prob to Tablo

  • Hi, this is a weird problem.
    I have a Tablo device connected to my Alien HD via ethernet.
    I can connect to the Tablo device for OTA viewing from any device in my home that is also connected to my home network via ethernet i.e. (Apple TVs, iMac).
    When connected to my home wifi network on my iPhone 12 or iPad Air 2 I can connect to my Tablo device via the web browser Safari at and can view live over the air streaming or my recorded programs.
    Again, if I have Wi-Fi turned ON on my iPhone or iPad and I try to connect to my Tablo via the Tablo app all I get is a spinning connection message and it never connects. When I stop trying to connect via the app and turn off Wi-Fi OFF my iPhone or iPad can connect to my Tablo via the Tablo App as if I were away from home.
    I just can't connect at home over my home Wi-Fi network via the Tablo app.

    My AmpliFi Alien is running the latest firmware as are my iOS devices and the Tablo device.
    I've rebooted and restarted everything several times to no avail.
    I've also deleted the apps on my iPhone and iPad and reinstall them.

    To me, it sounds like a security problem from the Router over my home network. The router is set up to use WPA2-PSK

    Any suggestions?


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