AmpliFi Alien incorrectly shows traffic on device when connected to external switch

  • Hello, it appears that when you connect the Alien to an external switch for added wired devices it tracks the network traffic incorrectly. I am not sure how exactly it tracks this as of course all device have a unique IP and MAC. But it assigns all network traffic to a specific device plugged into my switch instead of each device it sees. The switch is managed and I have a static reservation so reaching the GUI is not a search every time to login. I have 16 wired devices but only the TiVo ever shows traffic even when unplugged. If DHCP lease is renewed and the TiVo is not available then the Alien just picks a random device to assign the traffic. 0_1612885691000_Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 10.38.05 AM.png

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