3.5.0 release?

  • The HD line got a new firmware the other day. When is the next firmware for the Alien dropping? 3.5.0 is out of beta and now onto release candidate 5. What is the hold up?

    Looks like 3.5.0 has many improvements:

    Fixed several crashes
    Improved mesh stability
    Enhanced band steering
    Updated internal packages
    Updated LCD icon database
    Fixed SCTP transport layer protocol support
    Internal improvements to support future Wi-Fi updates
    Report statistics anonymously about AmpliFi Wi-Fi client disconnects (to address rare and hard to capture incidents)
    Updated IANA timezone database
    Fixed high CPU and memory usage (introduced in 3.5.0beta1)
    Wi-Fi performance enhancements
    Better Wi-Fi interference handling
    Wi-Fi client compatibility fixes (PS4 Pro 5 GHz connectivity fixed and dynamic RTS setting removed)
    Fixed rare bug with bad SSID on mesh points (introduced in 3.5.0beta1)
    Fixed QoS not working (introduced in 3.5.0beta1)
    Other minor improvements
    Fixed WAN port throughput issue
    Fixed Wi-Fi 6 client steering issue
    Improved compatibility of IoT devices

  • @Racerprose I'm neither a developer nor a beta-tester, but elsewhere in the software world I'm familiar with, "RC" typically means "it's done," and I don't actually RECALL ever seeing a "RC5" before.

    Of course, the number of users testing an expensive consumer router pales in comparison to the number of Betta-testers swarming over an iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS release, so it stands to reason that obscure bugs might not be caught even once the late-beta releases seem stable.

  • RC as I understand it means Release Candidate. And so far there have been 5 of 3.5.0.

    I suppose I could just use the RC5, but I do like being on the normal channel.

    Perhaps they are just being very conservative, but I sorta feel like they prioritize the HD line more than the Alien. Odd, considering the Alien is the newer and more high end system.

  • I've been using 3.5.0 rc5 since it dropped and although it's very stable for me, some people on the beta forms have been having problems that they didn't have in the last stable release. Some have even rolled back.

  • I believe no matter, with so many devices and configurations there will always be people who run into issues on any firmware. Before I bought the Alien, I saw many people say how terrible it was for them, yet I have had no issues.

  • @Racerprose I'm in the same group of lucky users such as yourself. I've installed the new releases (since launch) and have not experienced any issues. After using, reviewing and monitoring the new firmware releases I would rather the development team and beta testers take their time to iron out majority of the issues while in beta before shipping a final release firmware to the public. A lot of users are not as technical, might have a series of issues after updating and probably do not know how to properly downgrade to a previous firmware build. So for such users in the community I would wait until the dev team and beta testers give the greenlight to ensure a stable firmware build is released. It might not be perfect (as no firmware release is) but it will mitigate lot of connection issues for non technical users.

  • @Racerprose you can get on the beta firmware and then easily roll back if you want to jump back on the stable channel. Then you don't have to wait for all the improvements

  • @alexfeldmeier

    Well, I did just that! Running RC5 of 3.5.0 and so far no issues to report.

  • I also updated to 3.5 RC5 and just now updated to RC6. No idea where release notes are for these beta versions.

  • Hi @Brian-Scarbrough - do you have access to the Beta forum?

    The latest rc6 for example is available here...

    • Improved connectivity when moving between access points
    • Fixed rare iPhone connectivity issue
    • Fixed automatic channel selection
    • Reduced boot time
    • Enhanced support info

  • @Derek-Saville Yes, thank you!

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