Multiple Teleports for 1 Router

  • Would love to be able to buy 5+ teleports that all connect to the same Amplifi system. Would be great for office applications.

  • My understanding is that the current support is for one Teleport per home router.
    I realize this is not a business solution (but that functionality should be considered for a business-level Ubiquity product...)
    However, I can definitely see a home application where each family member has a Teleport for when they are on the road... Spouses often travel separately for work and it can be critical to ensure your children are connecting into a secure network and not on open WiFi...


  • @David-Cabasso, @John-Chapman: we do support multiple teleports. You can try using two before scaling up. We're not sure what the limits are, but I think we can't support many of them. There's an update in the works that will triple the throughput budget. That should help with scaling.

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