IPv6 & bridge mode (v3.4.4)?

  • Hello,

    My Amplifi HD runs with bridge mode & IPv6 enabled, successfully through v.3.4.3. WAN link goes to SG-1100 router then to cable modem. ISP is dual-stack with /56 prefix-delegation.

    Today updated to v3.4.4 (rev. -g1832bcdd5a) with no configuration change, and the iPhone Amplifi app now reports "Some issues detected - diagnose", and the Internet Connection line reads "Please verify IPv6 configuration". IPv6 is broken for wired & wireless devices.

    Wondering: 1) what exactly is the Diagnose function testing? and 2) what does the IPv6 toggle do (or intend to do) with bridge mode enabled?

    Other details: IPv6 router advertisements are seen in Wireshark with a laptop on Amplifi wireless, and wired ports. SLAAC seems to be working. I can see ICMPv6-echo request going out (to ipv6.google.com), but no reply or other IPv6 traffic in. Same ping6 from pfSense works fine.

    An edge case, admittedly. With v3.4.4 I did try a factory reset, reconfigured Amplifi as a router with IPv6 enabled & directly connected to cable-modem, and IPv6 worked. So that's a fallback if bridge mode is no longer an option.

  • Ok. Weird. Next day, not much further troubleshooting done, IPv6 & bridge mode still enabled: Amplifi alert is gone, Diagnose-Internet Connection test passes, and IPv6 is working on connected wireless and Ethernet hosts.

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