turning off 5 GHz band - still seeing clients on 5 GHz

  • A friend of mine has the Amplifi system and he called me asking for help. I generally live in the Unifi world, but I told him I would try to figure out an answer.

    Anyway, he has the Amplifi and a couple mesh antennas. He's turned off the 5 GHz band in administration, however he is still seeing 5 GHz clients. The mesh antennas still have a 5 GHz light on them and the clients are very likely attaching to them. Is there a trick to do this? He says that he sees a lot more power signal where these devices are on the 2.4 GHz band than the 5 GHz band which is why he attempted to remove it. He lives out in the country so he isn't battling 2.4 congestion so signal strength is king for him.

    if anybody has ideas on this, it would be appreciated.

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