Amplify Hd as Access point to 3rd party router

  • Trying to duplicate my home setup at my workplace but it's just not working.

    Home setup.... Ddwrt main router. 2 vlan. One to private wired/wireless network. 2nd vlan to nanostation bridge, wired to access point in dhcp client mode, serving wireless/wired clients to 2nd lan. Main router serves dhcp to both lan. Both lan are isolated from each other with dd wrt firewall rules. Works flawless.

    Work network....ddwrt router, identical vlan setup except Amplify hd kit is wired to router vlan2 port. Tried with or without amplify in bridge mode. No internet on Amplify

    Before I go further with details, any thoughts why this will or will not work. Can Amplify hd act as a regular access point? I thought giving Amplify an address in the vlan subnet and turning on bridge mode would accomplish that.

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