Add option to self-reboot please

  • It's 2021 and Ubiquiti is one of the top networking companies out there. Really great stuff.

    That being said, it's very weird to me knowing that wifi devices sometimes need the access point to be rebooted in order to restore functionality, that we don't have the option to have the access point restart itself periodically with a user defined time. For example, I have some wireless keylights from Elgato that work only via Wifi. Recently, for some reason they started to seemingly malfunction. They wouldn't show in my phone or PC's control app unless I restarted them manually and even then, after a short while they would lose the connection. I restarted the Alien router and so far, have not had the issue.

    Can this option please be added in the future? Would really help keep the device from needing to be tended to in these situations.

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