Router + mesh points

  • Would be great if AmpliFi sold a package for larger homes that have Ethernet run to rooms that includes an AmpliFi router and the AmpliFi aliens in mesh mode running an Ethernet backhaul. All managed in the AmpliFi app sold as a kit.

    Non WiFi router in Ethernet closet + 1 or 2 mesh points.

    Always prefer hard wired for gaming and streaming to TVs when Ethernet or fiber are installed as many new homes have this. Leave WiFi for the phones and tablets.

    Understand you can build ubiquiti kits (or other brands) I want simple home use with a single iOS app.
    Since I’m asking for wish list items maybe a white alien (wall mount available), discrete no screen, multi gbps capable, wifi6e, and HomeKit!

  • @burtong said in Router + mesh points:

    Ethernet backhaul

    I can't speak to the kit piece but you can do an Ethernet backhaul between units. That was the first thing I turned on.