Mesh Not getting speeds - as opposed to the Main Router

  • I have a 3x Amplifi HD mesh Setup. We recently got upgraded to a 200Mbps plan on the HFC network. The Main Mesh Point connected to the HFC Modem is getting really good speeds both wired and wireless but the Meshpoints even after trying to run them via Ethernet backbone don't seem to get speeds beyond 35mbps .

    I have tried to reset the mesh points and also did a roll back of firmware from 3.4.4 to 3.4.3 but its been very frustrating.

    Please can someone help..i have been scratching my head for 4 hours now and then gave up.

    If i connect an addition Linksys

  • Do you have a 5GHz backbone band allowed on Meshpoints? I had a slightly different speed problem: LINK

  • @MilanDka what do you mean 5Ghz backbone band allowed. If you mean if 5Ghz is enabled on the Mesh - yes, so i have total 3 units the Main Uni is connected to the WAN port and uses PPOE, the 2nd Mesh connects to the main using wifi using 2.4Ghz and the 2nd Mesh connects to the main using 5Ghz.

  • Hi. If you have a mesh point connected using 2.4 GHz you can't have a speed of 200 Mbps. The theoretical speed at 2.4 is 300Mbps (at laboratory) but you can actually reach 54 Mbps. Connect the second point using the 5 GHz backbone band.

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