looking to move from google wifi need some advise

  • As the title says, i currently have google wifi (3 of them provide ok coverage could use one more). I'm not happy with the settings.

    i did have 2 asus 5300. found i was always restarting them. (set too reboot 2 times a week).

    my network is busy, 5 people with at least a phone and desktop.(desktops are all hardwired).

    i have two servers running, one for my cloud and one for my security cameras that run poe from a switch.

    house is all plaster so we have issue's with wifi signals getting through walls.

    at any given time we have 50 to 55 connected devices through ethernet and wifi.

    I'm looking at the AmpliFi ALIEN Router.

    What mesh devices can use with this router to utilize the new wifi standard it supports.

    also with my current poe switches still work? (tp link and I'll check and update)

    my biggest concern is security and getting most users behind a vpn while not putting the cameras behind the vpn. is this possible?

    Tnx for any and all help.

  • Someone suggested i use wired access points, would this not cause me to use different wifi names and logins?
    for access points i see the unfi xg.
    About 8 years ago i had a mixture of devices (asus, linksys) setup this way, but i ended up with 3 wifi networks, switching between them was a pain. this is what caused me to move to mesh.

  • Just did some reading and want to make sure i understand.
    if i use access points i need a poe to power them.
    I can have the wifi names\passwords the same. i just need to make sure the channels are not over lapping.
    does this sound right?

  • @HackitZ hi, so the alien or afi HD can run as access points (in Bridge mode), and they don't take poe. In terms of "mesh", the alien will only mesh with the alien line.

    If you're getting more pro APs (unifi or engenius or tp link omada), the set-up is more involved (like you mentioned, no overlapping channels, enabling fast roaming, you might have to force hand-off in some cases).

  • @Raghu-Kannan said in looking to move from google wifi need some advise:


    thanks for the reply, i'm also constricted by a user who is 83 and funny enough has about 10 devices on wifi (don't ask lOl). in the long run i'm leaning to mesh just for the hassle free experince for this User. the rest of the house is hardwired where needed. i'm more looking into Ubiquiti for the stabliity, set up and go. google wifi is ok other than it can be slow and not many options.
    i cant seem to see any other alien devices to use the mesh. would all of them have to bee the 500 dollar unit here in canada? do you or any else know?

  • @HackitZ said in looking to move from google wifi need some advise:

    AmpliFi ALIEN Router

    just found the Amplifi Alien MeshPoint in a combo. now i cant seem to find a stand alone Amplifi Alien MeshPoint if i need to add another one. for an expensive product, it seems wierd it's this dificult to find products. maybe it's because im in canada?

  • They don't make standalone mesh points, you can buy a router and use it as a mesh point. A word of warning on their packs - the mesh point in the pack is hard coded to the pack router, if the router fails, the mesh point is useless. You're safer off buying multiple routers if that's what you need.

  • ok i'm thinking if i change my router location i can maybe get full coverage in my house. i'm looking at the UniFi 6 Long-Range Access Point and EdgeRouter X SFP.
    i think with this setup if needed i could add another access point.
    just so i'm clear, if i add another access point to this setup i would connect with ethernet and have 2 separate wireless networks?
    also does unifi allow using a vpn and choosing what devices are behind the vpn? or once you run the vpn all devices are behind the vpn?

  • i'm thinking i'll not use ubiquity. scares me when a dedicated forum has little and no support. i expected more.

  • Hi @HackitZ - are you referring to this community forum?

    This is the AmpliFi community for the AmpliFi consumer range of products

    If you are interested in Ubiquiti products you can find their user community at... https://community.ui.com/

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